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Our focus is small businesses, we know you don't have endless budgets to spend on consulting and development services. That is why we are different - if we can't help make you more than a 25% return from your investment with us, we will refund your money.

Every business is different and requires a different approach - this is our base pricing:

Online Strategy

For our strategic services, we typically agree on a project cost at the start of the process as the work required varies depending on the company. The average pricing for our most popular online strategy services are as follows:.

Website Development

We cater for website development projects of all sizes ranging in value from $695 to over $10,000. Some of the most requested services and the standard pricing for these are:


Search Engine Optimisation

Our search engine optimisation services comprise three key functions:

Social Media

We offer both one-off and ongoing social media management services. These include:


Additional pricing info

In keeping with our goal of making things simple for you, we have a range of payment options for our services:

Credit Card

Bank transfer



Payment terms

For project work, we invoice 20% of the project investment at the start of the partnership. The remaining 80% is billed on completion. For ongoing work, we invoice monthly for our services.

All invoices have 7 day payment terms.

Sweat equity

Looking to launch a new online business, but don't have the necessary start-up funds? For the right projects, we will invest our time (strategy, development, seo and more!) in exchange for equity in the business. Contact us today if you would like to discuss this option.


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If you have any questions about our pricing, please give us a call.

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