Google Analytics & Browser Size Analysis

Google has just integrated the Google Browser Size tool within Google Analytics, to further advance the In-Page analytics features. This is a damn useful tool given the plethora of devices used to access sites these days. You can see an example of it in action on one of my own sites below:

Google Integrates Google Page Size

If you can’t see the “Browser Size” option in your “In-Page Analytics” section, don’t fret – this has only been enabled for a limited number of accounts initially and will be rolled out to everyone over the coming weeks.

So what is the difference between using this and the separate Google Browser Size tool?
The beauty of integrating it with the other in-page analytics features means that you can see the direct link between click through rates and the % of visitors being able to view the page. If you are losing a lot of clicks between the 90-95% viewing percentile, a few subtle tweaks could see conversion rates increase significantly.

As well as the browser size integration, Google also announced they are retiring the Google Website Optimizer service. The good news is that it is also being integrated within GA and you can access it from within the “Content” section of your analytics profile. This move makes a lot of sense and makes Google Analytics even more valuable in helping your online business generate more sales.

If you need any assistance in setting up your analytics or interpreting the data to make a real difference to your business, give me a call today on 0800 100 845.

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